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Welcome to the Islamili portal. This web site is dedicated to the life, work and praise of the leader of Ismaili Muslims, His highness The Aga Khan.

You will find here different aspects of Ismaili History, faith and works. There is content for Ismails as well as non Ismaili Muslims on our web site. This Includes, Pictures of Aga Khan, Books, Ginans and different articles about the works and life of Prince Karim Aga Khan.

London: Darkhana Jamatkhana, United Kingdom
The Ismaili Centre
1 Cromwell Gardens,
London SW7 2SL

Dua time : Mon - Sat 7:00 pm, Sun - 6:30pm, Daily 4:00am


Special Sanatizing tunnels are Installed at all entry points for the safety of the prayers. Sanitizing tunnel is must in places like Dubai where eavery Mall has it companies like provide excellent quality tunnels equiped with anti bactarial spray and also UV rays to disinfect the people passing thru.